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Request Correction of Address, Name, Social Security Number

Written by: Kristy Welsh

Use This Sample Letter to Send to Credit Bureau to Correct Personal Information

It's a good idea to write the credit bureaus and request the removal of all former addresses, name variations and social security numbers. If you submit a request to remove negative information at a future date and they cannot match your address or SSN, they sometimes remove the whole account.

In addition, sometimes credit bureaus accidentally merge your credit file with someone else's simply because they share a former address and then you have the night mare of cleaning it up.

Need we say how important it is to correct any wrong social security numbers which are on your credit report?


Your Name
Your Address
SSN #:

Credit Reporting Agency

To Whom It May Concern,

I recently pulled a copy of my credit report and noticed the following information is in error:

Address Errors:

1024 E. Main
Chicago, IL 34000

124 Wesley
Chicago 40800

I have never lived at these addresses. Please remove them.

Name Errors:

Stella Smith
Stella R. Smythe

My name is Stella Ramona Smith. Please remove the other variations of my true legal name.

SSN Errors:



My correct social security number is 000-01-9999. Please remove the other incorrect versions.

With the amount of identity theft going on, I am very fearful that someone could mistakenly identify me as someone else with this incorrect information on my credit report


Your Name

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