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Updating Bankruptcy Account Information on Credit Report

Written by: Kristy Welsh

Use This Sample Letter to Update Credit Report with Bankruptcy Information

Once you complete the process of bankruptcy, your credit report may still show discharged accounts as open with a balance due. Though a bankruptcy is one of the worst things that can be on your credit report, having these open accounts could lower your credit score even more than it already is. You can use this letter to make sure that your accounts are updated to read "Account Included in Bankruptcy" and show a zero balance.

Note: Once you send in this letter, you are admitting to the credit bureaus that these are your accounts. At this point, they will be locked in place until the 7 year time a bad account can stay on your report is up. Use this letter only AFTER you've exhausted all options in removing this listing.


Your Name
Your Address

Credit Bureau
Credit Bureau Address

RE: Creditor Agency and Account #

To Whom it May Concern,

This letter is a formal complaint that you are reporting inaccurate credit information on my credit report. The above referenced accounts were included in my bankruptcy and are instead showing as <charge offs> <past due> <late>. The incorrect listings are lowering my credit score unnecessarily, and it is also preventing me from purchasing a home. I am enclosing a copy of my bankruptcy discharge papers as proof of the date of my discharge.

Please correct your records to display the information regarding these accounts.


Your Signature
Your Name


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